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Giving up something to help others has been a feature of Irish life for centuries. "Small sacrifices come from a big heart" as the proverb says. A coffee, a pint, a bag of sweets, what we sacrifice doesn't matter.

A small Sacrifice

The cost of a coffee is a small amount to give but it all helps fund charitable work around the country..

Feel Good

It always feels good to help others and with Coffee Sacrifice it's easy and fun.

Safe & Secure

Coffee Sacrifice is run by a registered charity and is fully audited to ensure your donations reach your chosen charity.

Easy to Do

It's so easy to make this small sacrifice. Get a coffee, sit, relax and sacrifice the next one.

What are we sacrificing for...?

It's amazing how much charities can achieve with just a little help

Coffee Sacrifice was setup in 2015 as a fundraiser by Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland. It has been so successful that we have been requested many times to open the idea up to other charities, so here we are.

This year Coffee Sacrifices can be made to any registered Irish charity just by selecting the charity from the list below and making your coffee sacrifice

This is a free service that YSPI are providing and all your coffee sacrifices will go to the charity of your choice less 10% to cover payment costs

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Make your Sacrifice Now

Giving up something to help others has been a feature of Irish life for centuries. "Small sacrifices come from a big heart" as the proverb says. A coffee, a pint, a bag of sweets, what we sacrifice doesn't matter.

  • A Coffee € 3.00
  • Coffee and Cake € 5.00
  • Two Coffees € 7.00
  • Two Coffees and Cake €10.00
  • Two Coffees and Cakes €12.00
  • Three Coffees €15.00
  • Three Coffees and Cakes €20.00
How to sacrifice

  1. Choose your sacrifice from the list above
  2. Click the matching amount on the donation form
  3. Choose your charity by typing the first few letters
  4. Add your email and click "Continue"

When you select a charity to support 90% of your coffee sacrifice will go to your charity of choice. A fee of 10% (or 10c from each €1) is retained by our charity to cover the cost of credit/debit card payments and bank transfer charges.

Contact Us

Please use this for to contact us. We will normally respond within 60 minutes during office hours. If you want a callback then please leave your mobile number.

You can also contact us on
  1800 828 030
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Media Enquiries & Downloads

Enquiries from media are always welcome

Charities spend a lot of time trying to find new and interesting ways of raising funds especially as government funding to many charities has been reduced so much over the last 6 years. Coffee Sacrifice came about in 2015 as a chance suggestion from a Secondary School student in Clontarf that he would gladly donate his coffee money if there was an easy way to do so.

Initially Coffee Sacrifice was just a text donation service run by LikeCharity but each year the popularity of the Coffee Sacrifice for World Suicide Prevention Day (10th September) has grown amongst the supporters and volunteers of YSPI. As a result we decided to throw the concept out there for supporters of other charities to use our Coffee Sacrifice system to sacrifice a coffee to a charity of their choice (or to YSPI should they be so inclined)

YSPI's role in is to open up our existing fundraising concept to supporters of other charities. We provide the infrastructure and payment gateway as well as insuring that donations are disbursed to charities in an auditable manner. We will be taking a small fee of 5% to cover the costs of gateway fees.

For full terms and conditions including our privacy policy click HERE.  Our charity registration is 20070670 and can be verified with the Irish Charity Regulator  We are a tax-exempt charitable trust approved by the Irish Revenue Commissioners under charity number CHY18438 and the charity is also an approved body under the Charities Donation Scheme. Our registered office details are: Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland, 1st Floor, 59 High Street, Killarney, Co Kerry V93 N977. Our contact details are   1800 828 030  Our office hours are Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm